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"Real life Stories"

"Everyone's crisis is unique. His/her crisis is at that stage seen as the biggest crisis in the world. When in panic you cannot think clearly. It is then when you need the support of professionals. Thank you that you were there when we needed you." - Annelie van Zyl

The advantage of one national emergency number

"As a family we wish to express our sincere thanks to CrisisOnCall for the selfless way in which they treated us on 30th December 2014 when two unwelcome men entered our home inside a security complex in The Willows and assaulted and robbed us. They gained access to the house by breaking a small window ( 22.5cm by 28cm) and sliding through.

We had only been away for about two hours and upon our return at about 13:45, I unlocked the door and went inside and found myself staring at the intruder's face about two to three meters away. He knocked me aside, threw my mother face down onto the floor and stepped on her and was then followed by the second intruder who also stepped on her, pushed my father out of the way and both made their escape.

I immediately called CrisisOnCall whose reaction was fantastic. The ambulance service (Advanced Paramedic Assist) arrived within five minutes and the two paramedics treated my mother professionally and gently. Niel van Rooyen and Millicent Kgagara were just as good to us. In the ambulance en route to the hospital they spoke very kindly to my mom to keep her calm. Even after they had handed her over to the Emergency Room staff, they came back to see whether she was alright.

The police also arrived on the scene within five to seven minutes.

Our sincere thanks to the person at CrisisOnCall who answered my call and who kept me on the line and constantly tried to reassure me and who also made a follow up call later to check whether we were coping.

Needless to say it was fantastic service from CrisisOnCall and our sincere thanks for the quick action of all concerned ".The Meyers

Robbed and Stranded Far from Home

My sister and I were travelling from Ermelo to Pretoria on the 28th June 2009. At about 8pm that evening we stopped at Ultra City in Middelburg. We took blankets from the boot and both of us were busy covering the rear seat for my son. During this time a thief grabbed our handbag with all our personal belongings and drove off in their car. I immediately phoned CrisisOnCall for assistance from a borrowed phone. I spoke to Melvin there. He continuously reassured and supported us and suggested all the practical things that were necessary. He assisted us to immediately make contact with our banks to stop our cards. He also assisted us to block our cell phone cards via the cell phone companies. He also connected us to the police. Melvin arranged emergency petrol for us to return to Pretoria, as well as toll gate money. He then assisted us with trip monitoring until we reached Pretoria, and arranged for a Lock Smith to open my sister's house and to change the locks. (He also arranged that we pay for this service only the next day)

The following morning he phoned just before going off duty to check that everything was alright, and to ask if there were anything else he could still help us with. In the meantime our handbag was found in Middelburg.

Melvin phoned us today on 1 July 2009 to ask if we were able to sort everything else out following such a traumatic experience, and was equally relieved to hear that the handbag and our possessions had been recovered. I just want to say that had it not been for Melvin and CrisisOnCall on Sunday, I don't know how things would have worked out. What began as a crisis ended as a blessing in our lives. We are unbelievably grateful to CrisisOnCall and their professional staff. We would just like firstly to thank the Lord that He assisted us in so many ways, hearing our prayers, and putting people across our path with such a big open heart as Melvin. I am so glad I joined CrisisOnCall. - Cornè Griffiths

Robbed at Broken Down Vehicle

Vic du Preez, my fiancée and I belong to the Boeremusiek gild. It was Friday night and we were en route from Pretoria to Bloekompoort Caravan Park for the weekend. On the road between Heidelberg and Benoni, the Autovilla (motorized caravan) broke down, just 12km from Heidelberg, near a four way stop.

I called CrisisOnCall and spoke to Ryan. It was about midnight. They promised to send someone from Heidelberg immediately to tow our car, which would take around 20 minutes. While we sat and waited (our doors were locked, but Vic's window was rolled down about 10cm) we heard a knock on Vic's window, the next moment there was a gun being held through the window against Vic's head.

The person kept saying, "give me your money, or I'll shoot you, I'll shoot you!" I gave Vic's wallet to him. Vic took out the notes and handed it to the robber. The robber was very impatient and wanted some more. At that moment, Safari's tow truck arrived on the scene and the man ran away. Just then Ryan from CrisisOnCall contacted me again to ask if the tow truck had arrived. I told him what had just happened and the police were on the scene almost immediately afterwards.

Until now, I believe that much worse things could have happened to us if CrisisOnCall had not responded as quickly as they did. They got us and our vehicle to safety and stayed with us at Heidelberg police station until Vic wrote his statement. Then we slept in the Autovilla across the road from the police station that night. The next morning the police also took my statement. Shortly after, Safari's people came back and helped us to get our vehicle repaired and fit to continue driving.

Our sincere thanks, to all at CrisisOnCall and those who are contracted with you. Without the right help at the right time we would have lost not only the cash but probably much, much more.

Please give our sincere thanks to Ryan, Safari and everyone else involved. After we told our story to everyone at Bloekompoort, I believe CrisisOnCall will gain a few new members. We were impressed with the service we received. - Vic and Kay

Hi-Jacked and in the Boot of her Vehicle

Lee-Anne Cotton was hijacked the night of 6 May 2004 in Pinetown while drawing money from an auto teller. The hijackers put her in her car's boot. She could send and SMS message to a friend who contacted CrisisOnCall and informed them about the hijacking that took place. Within 10 minutes one of the CrisisOnCall counsellors was in telephonic contact with her, while a search network was activated. Around 23:30 that night she was released from her car's boot by the police in Durban-North. The CrisisOnCall system did the trick. CrisisOnCall was in telephonic contact with Lee-Anne all the time. She received telephonic counselling by the CrisisOnCall counselling team afterwards.

That night Stanley, the case manager of CrisisOnCall, who was in control of this search action, refused to go of duty till she was safe. - Article in Beeld newspaper of 13 May 2004

When you are Totally Lost CrisisonCall will come to the Rescue

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organization, CrisisOnCall, for the recent support I received from them while travelling. I was a woman travelling alone on 10 November 2008 en route from Nelspruit to Bloemfontein. Near the airport I accidentally took the wrong freeway. I realised when in Johannesburg, that I was completely lost. I called CrisisOnCall for assistance. The staff reassured me, monitoring me by cell phone. Three staff members worked together to quickly figure out where I was.

They continuously told me which direction to go, and which streets to follow. It took quite a while, and they supported me continuously. Later on I became quite anxious. When I arrived at a relatively safe area, the staff recommended that I just stop and relax. They offered to send a staff member to me with a vehicle. The person identified himself in a friendly way and suggested I follow him in my car. He drove in front of me as far as the N1. From there I knew the correct route to follow to get to Bloemfontein.

After that they still phoned me often until I arrived in Bloemfontein late at night. Once again, thank you to everyone from CrisisOnCall who was on duty on 10 November. Without your professional support I doubt that I would ever have found my way. I am so grateful for your organization. It is so reassuring because I am often alone on the road. An organization like this is absolutely essential in South Africa." - Marie Jacobs (CrisisOnCall arranged for one of our contracted-in tow-in services to lead her - Marius Vermaak.)

We Help the Disabled

My husband and I are both disabled. We live alone in a house in Krugersdorp. Just after 3am in the morning we were awakened by the noise of someone breaking into the house. I only know one number. CrisisOnCall. I just began to talk and someone grabbed the phone out of my hand. Shortly afterwards our landline rang. We could not answer while three men were demanding that we give them the keys to the safe, and hit my husband. I suddenly saw the reflections of blue lights. All of a sudden police were with us and we heard lots of shouting. Everything happened very quickly. A paramedic was there to treat us and we were taken to hospital.

CrisisOnCall's people also phoned us and are still giving us counselling.
Thank you everybody. CrisisOnCall is just the very best! - Estie en Fanie Weideman

"Who will assist you
when you are high-jacked?"

"Who will assist you
when you are high-jacked?"

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