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"We manage your crisis
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Arrive Alive

The ArriveAlive.co.za road safety website emphasises the importance of effective and fast identification of accident victims as an essential part of emergency treatment. Many victims of road crashes are unable to communicate with paramedics and emergency response personnel. This presents a significant threat to their safety and recovery after an accident. Adv. Johan Jonck

AgriSA Securitas Trust Fund

Agri-SA Security Trust Fund acknowledges the monthly contributions of CrisisOnCall, as one of our business partners, to our trust fund. These contributions support the mandate of this fund to secure the safety of people in the farming community. JMJ (Kobus) Visser, Director: Corporate Liaison

South African Institute for Driving Instructors (SAIDI)

The identification system which is an integral part of membership of CrisisOnCall is outstanding for more than one reason.

Paramedics have immediate access to your personal medical conditions in any emergency for your safety. Members supply details concerning their medical conditions to CrisisOnCall when they join. This alone can save your life. Consider the implications of a drug that you are allergic to being administered.

The identification items are worthless to thieves: Many other forms of identification, such as silver chains, etc. are considered worth stealing in a crash situation. This leaves the injured person with no form of identification.

Identification of the member and linking of relevant medical information ensures that you are transported by ambulance to the nearest most appropriate medical facility, depending on your medical aid cover. Time is critical, it is vital to get treated within the first "golden hour" after medical trauma.

Would you like your family and closest contacts to know that you had an emergency? The CrisisOnCall call centre will notify next of kin in the event of any emergency and also keep them updated on the progress.

It is a superior form of identification:

  • Windscreen stickers can be torn up and go unnoticed if a windscreen shatters in a crash, as frequently happens.
  • Cell phones with stored contact details can be flung far from the scene of a crash under impact, and break, leaving victims extremely vulnerable.
  • Wallets, purses and handbags containing medical aid cards can be stolen or flung away under the same conditions.
  • The one day you decide to swap a handbag to match an outfit can leave a woman without any form of identification.
  • It is relatively inexpensive when the time comes to replace it.

Pat Allen President SAIDI
Web adres: www.saidi.co.za

South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association (SAPAESA)

The CEO of SAPAESA (South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association), Oliver Wright wrote the following in a letter to CrisisOnCall:

"With the fragmentation of the various emergency services in South Africa as well as the various private and provincial emergency services and hospitals, there is currently a service breakdown in the availability of critical patient information during a medical emergency. As such it is incumbent upon each person in South Africa te ensure that they are easily identifiable to medical staff members during an emergency. Availability of life-saving information including medical aid details, allergies, medical conditions and chronic medication, is critical."


American Heart Association

"Who will assist you during
a crisis situation?"

"Who will assist you during
a crisis situation?"

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