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Pets are like children to many pet owners.

Reports about lost pets occur almost daily.

Notices advertising lost animals are often seen in shopping malls and on lamp posts. Losing a pet can have the same effect as death in the family. The pet that members of the family love and which has provided enjoyment for the family, is simply missing!

Lost pets are often taken to a vet, with the hope that there is a chip embedded under the skin. This is a good idea until you consider the practical implications. The person who finds the lost pet, has to take the pet to a vet to scan for a chip. Quite often there is no chip and it ends up being a fruitless exercise.

Pets are also important to CrisisOnCall, therefore a new identification system for pets was launched. CrisisOnCall has developed a simple, yet effective identification system.

How does the pet identification system work?

A tag which is affixed to the pet's collar, carries the CrisisOnCall logo, emergency number and a unique tag number and is available to members at a cost of R60 each. (Courier costs excluded)

CrisisOnCall keeps basic information of the pet, as supplied by the owner, on our database. When someone finds a lost pet, they call the standard CrisisOnCall emergency number on the disc and provide the agent with the unique tag number reflected on the back of the disc. The agent will call the owner and telephonically connect the owner with the person who has found the lost pet. They can arrange between themselves how to re-unite the pet and owner. It's as simple as that!

There is a once off tag fee of R60 per pet, with the condition that the pet owner is a member of CrisisOnCall to qualify for this service. The pet's information is captured on the CrisisOnCall database as part of the standard package and there is therefore no additional monthly cost to the member.

"Who will assist you during
a crisis situation?"

"Who will assist you during a crisis situation?"

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