"Every second counts in a crisis"

Our Unique Identification System

As a CrisisOnCall member, when you are involved in an accident and cannot speak for yourself, our low-cost member wristband enables first responders to identify you with one call to the CrisisOnCall National Call Center, so we can help manage your crisis.

Identification in a Crisis

During planned medical procedures, all information is readily available for medical staff to make informed decisions when prompted to do so. What happens when it is not planned?

Accidents and trauma incidents occur without warning. Medical staff are often left to make decisions without having critical, lifesaving medical and other information at hand. Information such as allergies and chronic medicine could be vital.

Best Solution is the CrisisOnCall Wristband

Everyone needs something that can talk for them when they cannot talk for themselves.

Since 2002, CrisisOnCall has been offering an effective identification and critical information system linked to a reliable National Call Center that saves valuable time for the paramedic to focus on treating the patient with the necessary medical information at hand.

Become a Member it can Save Your Life

How our wristband saved another Life

Johan Steenkamp, a CrisisOnCall member, was involved in a severe head-on collision on the Moloto Road on Friday, 5 May 2017. He had sustained severe chest injuries and endured excruciating pain. Johan contacted his wife, Elize, and informed her of the accident. Elize contacted the CrisisOnCall emergency center. The closest accredited ambulance service was dispatched to the scene to assist.

Upon arrival, the advanced life support paramedic contacted CrisisOnCall when he noticed Johan's CrisisOnCall wristband. He obtained vital information about Johan from the CrisisOnCall emergency center and treated Johan accordingly - all the while the CrisisOnCall emergency center staff kept his wife up to date. "Today, I am extremely glad that we have joined. Without this membership, my husband could have lost his life."

What paramedics say

It is a matter of life and death.

"As Paramedics, an important component in treating a patient quickly and effectively is the access to information regarding the patient. We need information about their medical conditions, the patient, allergies etc. take medication. As practitioners, we have all been at the scene of an emergency where no information on a patient was available, or nobody knew the patient. This is when a product such as the CrisisOnCall ID wristband has a major advantage". - Bernice Kitshoff, Branch Manager of Netcare911

Which identification system to use?

At face value, any identification system seems acceptable. When using a medical aid sticker on the window, a medical aid card in a purse or handbag, a car license holder with a smart code, a cellphone app, or information stored on the cell phone. They all have their limitations, linking it back to the correct patient during an accident.

For more than a decade, the CrisisOnCall identification wristband has proven to be the most effective way for identifying members in a crisis. It also complies with the requirements of paramedics

Limitations of alternatives

Accident Scenes

Patients are robbed

Card in your wallet

Your card or your life

Medical aid sticker

Not enough information

Info on a cell phone

Paramedic can't access