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Ons is bietjie laat om dankie te sê vir PUIK DIENS met ons reis vanaf Bronkhorstspruit na Mosselbaai op 25 en 26 Februarie 2024 en weer vanaf Mosselbaai na Bronkhorstspruit op 25 en 26 Maart 2024. Julle mense wat die oproepe hanteer is vriendelik en stiptelik!! Ons waardeer die monitering van ons reise - M&E Kitching

Thank you for support.

We have been members of Crisis on Call for some years and, thankfully, have not needed emergency services yet.
However, we have frequently used the "Trip Monitoring" facility and would like to compliment the people concerned on their always friendly and efficient service.
During April this year, we undertook a return trip to Cape Town, which, unbeknown to us, took us through areas with zero cell phone reception. The ongoing efforts and concern of the monitoring staff were much appreciated. Happily, no incidents occurred during this time, and all ended well.
We undertook a trip to Mpumalanga a week later, but hearing issues made communication difficult. Throughout the trip there and back, the monitoring staff were very understanding and always very friendly, and for that, we would like to say a HUGE Thank You! - R Hardy

What our clients say....
  • It is the best and worth the while to be part of CrisisOnCall - J. Huyser
  • COC is similar to oxygen; life without it is a struggle - N. Pascoe
  • You can not be without CrisisOnCall - N. Vermaak
  • Best assistants, and support, you will ever get. Thanks for the great service - P. Swanepoel
  • Friendly service. Your friend in times when you can not talk - R. Prinsloo
  • We received very good service with my mother-in-law when she fell and their arrangements to get her to the hospital - A. Cilliers
  • The Take-me-Home, after attending a wedding, service is the best - L. Westraadt
  • Definitely the best peace of mind. They are the best team - ES Duvenhage
Man seriously injured after trampled by cattle
Funny things happen in strange times. This is a unique case where CrisisOnCall made a difference. Annatjie Eloff said the following: "CrisisOnCall’s help and service was excellent as an ox, 35km outside Vaalwater, trampled my husband. He sustained severe chest as well as other injuries. I immediately phoned the emergency number on my wristband. CrisisOnCall’s emergency personnel immediately offered help and advice. While we waited for the ambulance, a medical person from CrisisOnCall kept on calling us to update us on how far the ambulance was. He also enquired about my husband and gave telephonic advice. With the help of well-trained ambulance staff they transported him quickly to hospital. When fate strikes, it is wonderful to know that help is just a phone call away. We already make use of your roadside assistance and trip monitoring service. Keep it up."
Holiday ends in tragedy
During the April holidays the Heyns family from Pretoria set off very excitedly for their holiday by the sea. Early in the morning on van Reenen’s Pass, things started going horribly wrong. The wheel of their bakkie tore, causing a head-on collision with a truck. The parents and their six year old son died tragically in the accident. Their ten year old son, Jeandré, miraculously survived but was seriously injured. The paramedics rushed him to a hospital in Harrismith. CrisisOnCall then transferred him by air to a specialized hospital in Pretoria due to the extent of his injuries. The CrisisOnCall call centre managed the accident in a holistic manner as they were previously involved with trip monitoring with the family. Aerocare, an air ambulance service was activated from Bloemfontein to fly Jeandré to Pretoria to be closer to his grandparents. He recovered 100%.
A Granny breaks both her hips in one year!
Granny Bettie Scholtz, broke her hip. Dr Westerman from Bronkhorstspruit immediately came out to see her and called CrisisOnCall. CrisisOnCall reacted quickly and sent an ambulance. Granny was treated thoroughly with the utmost respect. The orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital was also arranged by CrisisOnCall. All her information was already on the data base so the paramedics knew about her epilepsy, etc. With peace of mind, we knew Granny would be treated well. Five months later, Granny broke her other hip. CrisisOnCall was called out again within 20 minutes the professional paramedics were at her service. Again, Granny was transported to the correct hospital and treated professionally. As a family we would like to thank the Lord for the vision he has given to CrisisOnCall for the service they provide. Secondly that CrisisOnCall’s word is their honour. This company does exactly what they advertise and more. “I can highly recommend their services”- Elna Meiring
Robbed and Stranded far from Home
My sister and I were travelling from Ermelo to Pretoria. At about 8 pm that evening, we stopped at Ultra City in Middleburg. We took blankets from the boot, and both of us were busy covering the rear seat for my son. During this time, a thief grabbed our handbag with all our personal belongings and drove off in their car. I immediately phoned CrisisOnCall for assistance. They continuously reassured and supported us and suggested all the practical things that were necessary. They also assisted us to immediately make contact with our banks to stop our cards and block our cell phones via the cell phone companies. We were also connected to the local police. Emergency petrol was arranged for us to return to Pretoria, as well as toll gate money. Cornè Griffiths
Grateful for family assistance

I would like to thank you again for your professional help and the ambulance service received when my cousin (a non-member) fell on the 10th of May 2022. I have referred your exceptional service to her.

Good Advice

Thank you for your inspiring newsletter, good advice and help. You certainly have your clients’ interests at heart.

Thousands of thanks

You were sent from Above.
I called CrisisOnCall on the 5th of March, 2022. There were no ambulances available, but they ensured I got one and assured me of their best. 
Whoever the lady was on duty, I do not know, but all the best wishes to you and your team, excellent assistance to the end. I was admitted with Covid at 74 years old. Your service is of excellent quality, and the service staff is constantly ensuring your help is on the way. 
Best wishes again to everyone at CrisisOnCall, those who do not yet belong to it, please do so today, crucially.

Do it now!

If you're still wondering if you should join CrisisOnCall, DO IT NOW!! My husband had to use CrisisOnCall three times during December 2021, and we received excellent service that saved my husband's life! With GREAT gratitude to everyone at CrisisOnCall – very professional, friendly and punctual – it is truly appreciated! Good luck for 2022. May you grow from strength to strength!

Wonderful Service

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank CrisisOnCall for the wonderful service my wife received on 28 December 2021. At that time, we were on holiday at Kiara Lodge just outside Clarens, and my wife suffered a mild stroke. As arranged by CrisisOnCall, the quick service of ER Ambulance services contributed to her being stabilised very quickly and transported to Highland Mediclinic in Bethlehem. Any severe damage was prevented, and the fact that all her medical information could be immediately made available to the physicians by CrisisOnCall made all the difference in the world.


CrisisOnCall Trip Monitoring

I want to thank Esme for her care on the 8th of January 2022. We travelled from Hartenbos back to Pretoria, and the weather was terrible. From Willowmore, it rained nonstop. She went off duty, and we arrived in Pretoria at half-past four in the afternoon. I got busy and did not look at my phone again. Esme was amazing. She phoned our daughter to make sure that we had arrived safely. She had also tried to call us and had sent us an SMS. It is incredible how much she cared about our well-being.

Best Decision

Just a short note to express my gratitude to CrisisonCall.
I heard about CrisisOnCall on Bushveld Stereo and from my sister, a member of CrisisOnCall. I've been nagging my children for a long time to join. I want to thank you for your exceptional service from the bottom of my heart. Best decision we've ever made. We have had to use ambulance services twice.
You guys are fantastic. May the Lord bless you.


Thank you for your valued service

We want to thank CrisisOnCall for its valued services over the past two years.  My vehicle has broken down several times, and they have sent help quickly each time.  Even once in the pouring rain, they came to help replace a tire. We also had to use the emergency ambulance services several times, with my husband being very ill and needing assistance. We live on a smallholding, and it's just not possible or practical for me to rush to the hospital with him in the middle of the night and leave our disabled daughter alone at home.  
Some of my family were also very impressed with the service and mentioned that they would like to join themselves.
Thanks again for your valued service.

Electrical explosion

I was at work assisting electrical contractors on site as we had a major power outage. The next minute there was a loud explosion, and one of the contractors caught on fire. His colleague tried to extinguish the flames with his bare hand while bystanders attempted to call emergency services/ambulance but with no success.

When I arrived, I saw the panic and immediately called CrisisOnCall, informing them of the incident. They were very calm and helpful and dispatched an ambulance. The call centre assisted me with first aid via a qualified nurse. Five minutes later, an ambulance arrived, and the paramedics took over. Minutes later, advanced life support arrived with a second ambulance to assist the other contractor who had tried to help. The paramedics were all highly professional.

CrisisOnCall was remarkable, and because of their quick, professional response, the contractors will both be fine and make a full recovery.

Viral infection caught in time

My wife was ill around 01H00 in the morning and was vomiting. She became dehydrated, disorientated and her blood pressure was very high.  I called CrisisOnCall, and they immediately dispatched an ambulance to take my wife to the hospital.  My wife was diagnosed with a viral infection and discharged a few hours later. CrisisOnCall handled everything fast and professionally.

I had used CrisisOnCall three times before, once for roadside assistance, a personal medical emergency that required an ambulance for me, as well as call centre advice.

CrisisOnCall was an absolute lifesaver every time. CrisisOnCall works; you cannot go wrong. Thank you!

Stuck on the side of the road

I want to thank all the role players involved in towing our vehicle today for their friendly service. 

I contacted you on the HELP247 app, and within seconds I received a call from a young gentleman letting me know everything was under control and he was going to arrange everything on my behalf. Within minutes he called me back to inform me that help would arrive in about 30-45 minutes, and he stayed true to his word.

I can't imagine what it must be like to be without CrisisOnCall. A company with a network of supports in place with a push of a button on my app.

Flats on fire

On behalf of the residents of the Deutsches Senioren Wohnheim in Oates Street 73A, Groenfkloof, Pretoria, we wish to thank everybody at CrisisOnCall for your quick response. On Thursday evening, the 3rd of September 2020, we called you for help when our block of flats caught fire on the top floor.  Your quick response in dispatching the fire brigade and ambulance services saved the building from being gutted. Major damage was only limited to one apartment. Everyone was evacuated safely, and nobody was hurt.

Thank you very much. 

My husband beats COVID thanks to CrisisOnCall

I want to thank you for your incredible support in our time of crisis.

In the late afternoon on Sunday the 19th of July 2020, my family doctor informed me that my husband, who is 76, was Covid positive and had to get to a hospital and on oxygen as soon as possible.

At the time, the hospitals were already under tremendous pressure, and his condition deteriorated so much in 48 hours. I called CrisisOnCall, provided them with my husband's wristband number, and they immediately reassured me and took over.
I can not describe the relief and reassurance the agent provided me. The paramedics were very competent and immediately stabilized my husband. Upon arriving at Pretoria East casualties, we learnt that there would be a two-hour wait. However, the agent managed to arrange an alternative with Life Groenkloof, and when we arrived, they were already waiting for us.

We are so grateful that he recovered and is now home after my husband's admission to high care.

Helicopter assistance saves a life

My husband required medical assistance on the 15th of February 2021 at a farm in Ohrigstad. The paramedics who arrived stabilized him and considered it essential to have him transported by helicopter to Nelspruit, only 18 minutes.

On arrival at the hospital, no time was wasted as CrisisOnCall had already provided all his details. The situation was handled very professionally.

To everyone, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation. You saved my husband’s life.
Once again, CrisisOnCall proved they are "saving lives."

CrisisOnCall is the best.

CrisisOnCall is the best. We have been with them since 2007 and have not regretted it for a day.  When you call them in need, they are there. 

My husband and I had a flat tyre on holiday, and I just phoned them. We live in Pretoria, and this happened in Marina Beach, KZN. In less than an hour, they sent people from Margate panel beaters. They fixed the tyre, pumped it up and put it back on, and we were ready to go. 

Thank you, CrisisOnCall, for road assist and many more services at a reasonable price. We feel safer just being members.

No Crisis is too small

I locked my keys in my car and did not know what to do. I dialled the emergency number and spoke to a friendly consultant who assured me that I would be receiving help soon. Forty-five minutes later, I had my keys in my hand and was ready to go.

The consultant walked the extra mile, and she called me to say who would contact me to come and help me. A few minutes later, she called again to see if help arrived or if anyone had contacted me.

Thank you to CrisisOnCall for the wonderful service and support when dealing with my situation.

Five days in ICU

I want to say thank you very much to CrisisOnCall speedy action Saturday morning.  I woke up at 02:30 in the morning with severe chest pain and breathlessness. I took something for heartburn and went to work; however, the pain got worse, and I began to feel nauseous, so I was sent home.

Along the way, I felt like I was going to lose consciousness and stopped. Two vehicles stopped to assist me and noticing my wristband called CrisisOnCall.

Thank you to the ambulance paramedics for their speedy action and the two gentlemen who waited with me until the ambulance arrived.
I was taken to Montana Hospital and spend five days in ICU with a virus in my heart and lungs.

I want to encourage everyone to join CrisisOnCall.

Attacked by monkeys

I want to say thank you very, very much for the speedy, professional service my mother received after being attacked by Capuchin monkeys.

Within seven minutes of calling CrisisOnCall, you were on the scene and supported my sister telephonically the whole time.

Upon discharging my mother, the competent people at CrisisOnCall also arranged counselling for her. She has already had her first session.

You are incredibly professional with high-quality standards.

What we have signed on paper is the service we receive and much more.

My testimony as mother

My two year old son fell off the slide at Nursery School and cut his head open. The school immediately called CrisisOnCall using his wrist band details and within five minutes an ambulance was on the scene treating my son where after they transported him to hospital. In the meantime CrisisOnCall called me to say what had happened and to reassure me that my son was in safe hands. CrisisOnCall kept me posted on what was happening and gave me peace of mind. They followed up with the hospital ensuring he is being well cared for. If it wasn’t for the peace of mind that I received from CrisisOnCall, I would probably have charged off to the school putting myself and others at risk of an accident.

With services such as medical advice, ambulance services, the crisis line and identification of patients, you can be assured that your child is safe and in good hands.

I recommend CrisisOnCall to all mothers as our children are our everything and we need to do all we can to keep them safe.

It costs only R123 per family per month, the best R123 I spend every month. In return I get peace of mind that with CrisisOnCall my child will quickly get help and be in good hands when necessary. - Natasha

Bee stings are dangerous

Members of CrisisOnCall were attacked by a swarm of bees on Monday 18 February 2019. The husband was mowing the lawn when the bees attacked. His wife ran outside and was also immediately in the firing line.

They contacted CrisisOnCall by pressing their panic button. Two private ambulance services as well as their security company were dispatched while all the time maintaining contact with their son Edward.

Gareth Paul of Axon Rescue (ambulance service) and an officer from Brinant Security, removed the couple from the scene by placing them on the back of a bakkie and driving some distance away to where they could be treated in safety. The husband suffered more than 200 stings and the wife at least a hundred as confirmed by their son Edward. They are still in the intensive care ward of a nearby private hospital. (CrisisOnCall was able to provide the hospital with all their crucial medical history allowing for a speedy admission.)

This case once again highlights how quickly an emergency situation can arise. And in this case no one was able to enter the house to look for personal medical information due to the bees and if it wasn’t for the CrisisOnCall wrist band, the couple would most certainly have landed up in a State Hospital.

When the unforeseen happens!

On May 18, 2018, at about 15:15 we were involved in a car crash between Kroonstad and Ventersburg.

My wife and I would like to thank everyone who helped us in the early hours of the morning for your generous help. We had the peace of mind that you would get the necessary medical assistance to us.

I was seriously injured and bled a lot. With the advice of the lady on duty that morning, my wife was able to keep the bleeding under control. The ambulance arrived and took us to Mediclinic Welkom.

With this, we thank everyone who has done so much for us.

There are outstanding people in our country, that morning we experienced this.

We can only testify to CrisisOnCall's good valuable service. - Ben Greyling

When the road is closed!

I want to thank CrisisOnCall very much for yesterday's information.

We were on our way back from Margate when someone let us know there is drama on the N3 freeway: people burning tyres and striking on Van Reenen's Pass.

Everyone in the car was trying to find out how we could avoid this but we could not get through to another entity. I then suggested we call CrisisOnCall as they should know. The friendliest of ladies helped us and advised we should deviate to Harrismith. We followed her advice and despite the road being very busy, we were able to continue our journey home.

Thank you very much.

Lettie van der Merwe.

Kudu jumps in front of vehicle

We left Jeffreys Bay at 22:30 and made our way back to Pretoria. We asked for trip monitoring. Wayne from the call centre called us every hour. It was approximately 01:00 in the morning and about four kilometres from Jansenville when a large kudu bull appeared in front of our vehicle. We hit the kudu and my husband was unconscious.

My first thought was to phone CrisisOnCall. Just then Wayne called to fulfil his trip monitoring duty. I was able to relay what had happened to him. He said I must leave everything up to him and that he would contact the police and arrange for an ambulance. CrisisOnCall repeatedly contacted me to offer medical support and to check whether the ambulance and police had arrived.

My husband was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Jansenville and from there he was transferred to Green Acres Hospital in Port Elizabeth. Wayne continued to contact me during this time and wanted to make sure that I was safe and wanted to know if there were any further developments regarding my husband.

I would like to thank Wayne and CrisisOnCall from the bottom of my heart for quick responses and significant contributions to ensure we were taken care of. – Abie & Betsie Oosthuizen.

Twice in collision and twice saved by the wristband

This is to say thank you for your prompt service in the last two weeks. Three of my family members were involved in motorcycle accidents and I can only speak with praise of the good service.

On the 22nd October my son rode his bike in Hatfield, Pretoria where he was involved in an accident. The ambulance was with him in less than 5 minutes. Information via his wristband ensured that he was taken to the right hospital. I was informed accordingly.

On 10 November 2012 my youngest boy and husband was involved in an accident in Riviera, Pretoria. My son asked one of the first people that stopped on the scene to call CrisisOnCall. Again the ambulance was on the scene within minutes where they stabilized my son and husband. Your staff phoned me during the course of the day to find out how they were doing after the accident. It is really pleasing to be a member of such a fantastic organization. Thanks for the speedy and professional service. - Dolla Moolman

Man collapsed at home

With the assistance of CrisisOnCall they were able to obtain vital information that could not be provided by the patient.

CrisisOnCall identified the closest hospital with a cardiologist on call and while on the line, Hugo was able to open a file for the patient pre-arrival.

Help after serious collision

In January CrisisOnCall received a call regarding a serious collision outside Ermelo. One of the patients was trapped in the wreckage. The person involved in the collision is a member of CrisisOnCall. An agent at the call centre immediately took control and assist with information and dispatching. The following are some of the actions taken:

  • Private ambulance service dispatched to the scene. Patient details were given to the ambulance service. (Medical helicopter placed on standby.)
  • Fire department from Ermelo is activated to free the patient from the wreckage.
  • The police are dispatched to assist on scene.
  • During this the agent stays on the line with the caller and provides medical advice over the phone.
  • Mediclinic Ermelo is contacted and informed about a serious patient involved in a collision. Patient details as well as information obtained from the paramedics is communicated to the hospital team.
  • Next of kin from Ellisras is contacted and informed of the collision and trip monitored took place during the whole trip from Ellisras to Ermelo.
  • Trauma counselling is arranged.
Convenient Trip Monitoring

I sent a “Please call me” message for Trip Monitoring. A very friendly and helpful lady called me back to get all my details. I also asked that someone call me every hour until we arrive safely at my daughter’s house in Ermelo. During our trip of about four hours, a very friendly, CrisisOnCall called us every hour to enquire whether the trip was going according to plan and whether we were safe. Travelled back to Rustenburg from Ermelo we once again received such friendly service.

I am a new member and I just want to thank you very much for the friendly and helpful service which I received. It is encouraging to know that there are still people and an organisation that deliver such a friendly service. With such friendly and helpful people, I will want to stay a member of CrisisOnCall for a long time.

Dangerous area

I urgently needed to go to Pretoria and the shortest route was via Diepsloot. At this point I decided to contact CrisisOnCall and was very happy when someone on the other side kindly assured me that they would call me back with news about the best route to take. Within two minutes they called back and told me that they confirmed with the police that the route via Diepsloot is considered safe.

I take my hat off to CrisisOnCall because about 20 minutes later my phone rang. “Good morning Mr Esterhuizen, it is Emile from CrisisOnCall here. I’m phoning just to make sure you travelled safely through the area.” In my life I have never experienced this type of follow up. Once more, thank you to the people at CrisisOnCall! It makes me much more comfortable. Now I know that if one day there is a major crisis, my family and I will get professional help.” – Rick Esterhuyzen

I have lost my wallet!

It often happens that one loses or misplaces one's wallet. Just think of all the drama of stopping bank cards and reapplying of driver’s licences. In most instances it’s not about the money that has been lost but more about the unnecessary time that has been wasted. Eugene Meyer reports the following:

I would like to thank the person at the call centre that set up a conference call between myself and the person that picked up my wallet at the ALZU Stop in Mpumalanga.

Once we arranged to meet on the N4, I was able to retrieve my wallet, driver’s license and bank cards. Until the time came for us to meet, the call centre stayed in contact with us, the entire time.

I want to thank the agent of CrisisOnCall, as it took a lot of effort and trouble from their side – Eugene Meyer

Father forgets about child

I fetch my daughter twice a week from after care and take her to ballet. One day I could not go fetch her and in front of my daughter, arranged with my husband to go fetch her. And he forgot!  When it started to get late, she went to her teacher and asked her to call the number on her CrisisOnCall wristband to ask where her father was.  The teacher called CrisisOnCall who connected her with my husband. He had clean forgotten but was able to assure his daughter that he would fetch her shortly. Problem solved! Thank you CrisisOnCall. - Zelda Le Roux

Help while on holiday

We have been members of CrisisOnCall for many years and have NEVER made use of their services. We are currently on holiday on the Cape South Coast and on Wednesday we used CrisisOnCall for the first time. I wanted to go into Hartenbos and when I tried to start the car – nothing. It was dead. What now?

So I called CrisisOnCall, and what a pleasant experience in dealing with the Call Centre. The consultant was polite, friendly and very competent in quickly summing up the situation and recommending a plan of action.

Within five minutes she called back to report that a service provider from Mossel Bay had been contacted and was on his way. Now for the surprise ... within ten minutes they arrived and got my car started. This may well just have been a “crisis” with a simple dead battery, but the service I received was excellent. Should it have been a more serious case, I’m sure it would have been dealt with equally efficiently.

Thank you to CrisisOnCall and your network of agents for delivering outstanding service when least expected”. - Johan van Buuren

Thankful mom!

Lee Potgieter wrote the following:

My son is currently in Potchefstroom studying for his final examination. Last night while studying he became hungry and decided to get a pie and a coke. Yes, I know it’s not the best diet, but it’s a student’s diet. When he got back into his vehicle it didn’t want to start, and all this at one o’clock in the morning.

We are in Durban and his older brother is in Midrand. Fortunately, he kept his cool and decided to phone CrisisOnCall. They promised him that they would send a tow truck to him and it would be there between 15 and 30 minutes. I also have to mention that he had no clue in which street he was and didn’t want to leave his car there as he said it was a ‘dodgy’ area. He was very happy as he saw the towing service arrive within ten minutes after his phone call. They helped him with his vehicle and took ensured that he got home safely before they left.

I am very thankful for the monthly investment I am making, not only that my son was kept safe, but also that you managed to find him. There was no fuss and no issue in identifying him as they also managed to identify him via his cell phone number.

Thank you to everyone that assisted.

Roadside Assistance after “please call me”

Thank you for your excellent service. My vehicle broke down in Waverley. CrisisOnCall reacted within minutes after I used the “please call me” option. The car didn’t want to start. CrisisOnCall soon sent help and I was back on the road in 30 minutes from when I first sent the message. It was a flat battery. CrisisOnCall pro-actively kept in contact the entire time. Complements to CrisisOnCall and the client services for their quick and excellent service in my hour of need”- Mike and Alet O’ Neil

Take me home

Martie Beukes is very impressed with the service “take me home”. She arranged for the service to take her home after a night out at Loftus.

She explained that she was a bit sceptic but acknowledged that the service was excellent and efficient. The call centre ensured that the driver found them easily and transport them safely home.