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How long has CrisisOnCall been operational?

What makes CrisisOnCall unique?

Are the personnel qualified at the call centre?

Is it possible to make a toll-free call to CrisisOnCall from a cell phone?

Is it possible to make contact with the call centre without calling the emergency number?

Why does CrisisOnCall use more than one ambulance service provider?

Why do CrisisOnCall only make use of accredited ambulance services?

Can a CrisisOnCall member call an ambulance service direct for an ambulance?

When does CrisisOnCall pay for ambulance transport?

The client will be responsible for all costs if:

Why is it necessary to wear my wristband?

Do schools have the right to stop children wearing their arm bands during school?

Do paramedics know about CrisisOnCall?

Does my medical aid offer what CrisisOnCall offers?

Will my medical aid sticker supply information when I am involved in an accident?

Will a crash detector replace CrisisOnCall?

How effective is the use of a vehicle registration number to obtain information regarding a patient?

Can only people that have a medical aid membership become a member of CrisisOnCall?

Will it be effective to keep my medical information on my cellphone?

What is CrisisOnCall’s policy regarding the transportation of a patient to a hospital?

What is the most popular service of CrisisOnCall?

Do I have to specify a vehicle to qualify for arrangement of roadside assistance?

Do I have to specify my vehicle for payment of roadside assistance?

Will my vehicle be covered for roadside assistance if I am not driving?

Can I register my vehicle for roadside assistance for only a short period of time, i. e. when I go on holiday?

When do I qualify for the CrisisOnCall benefits?

How does CrisisOnCall communicate with members?

Does CrisisOnCall replace my security company?

When will CrisisOnCall debit my account?

How safe is my information at CrisisOnCall?

How do I update my information on the CrisisOnCall system?

Is it important that I update our information with CrisisOnCall?

What about cover for my extended family?

What do I pay extra when my child is over the age of 18 years but still a student?

May I stop my membership for a few months?

My vehicle was in an accident. Will I still have roadside assistance cover?

How do I cancel my membership?

I cannot afford my membership anymore.

How to Load the Application

May I market the CrisisOnCall services?

How to load the mobile application - Test